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Looking for a refreshing drink this summer, try our easy peasy Marteani! We love mojitos but they are time consuming to make.  This is a much quicker solution and you can keep all the ingredients in the fridge ready to go!

Cold brew our Moroccan mint green tea double-strength (Pour 2 cups of cold water over 2 tablespoons of tea leaves and store over night in the fridge...it will keep for several days but remove the tea leaves). For the Marteani, mix 1 part rum (or tequila, vodka, gin...), 1 part Rose's Lime Cordial (available in the grocery store and it saves you from having to make a simple syrup andsqueezing the limes:), and 2 parts cold tea. Add ice and garnish with fresh mint and lime slices...Enjoy! You can also enjoy the iced tea virgin...


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