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All  our menu items are homemade and baked fresh daily! Gluten free available upon request. Dairy-free milk available. Please ask about our ingredients. We do use fresh eggs, dairy products, wheat flour. This is not a nut-free kitchen (and we don’t mean the staff) but we are peanut-free.
For Take-Away or Catering, please call (705)259-0568 before 9:30 AM


Served all day 

Cream Tea
Pot of English Classic Tea with Scone, homemade jam or lemon curd & cream served on a fancy plate (Gluten-free scone +.50)

House Muffin with butter (gluten-free available + .50) $2.50



Served between 9:00 & 10:45

2 Poached eggs served on toast or English muffin with fresh fruit $8.50
2 Egg Omelette with mushroom, cheese & leeks served with fresh fruit, toast & jam (make it a 3 egg omelette + 1.50)
2 Scrambled Eggs (with cheese if desired) served with toast and fresh fruit

Add choice of Sausage, Ham or Back Bacon to egg dishes $2.00
Misty's Quiche with veggies & cheddar or with bacon, leek & Swiss served with fresh fruit & toast $9.00
(Substitute a scone for toast) $2.00
French Toast made with cinnamon raisin bread and with real maple syrup  $8.50
Fresh fruit & yogurt & granola parfait $6.00
Scone Daily Selection served with homemade jam or lemon curd & thick cream
(gluten-free available + .50)

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Served between 11:00 & 2:30

Minimum Charge $5/person during lunch 

Daily Special (check our board or call)

Large Bowl of handmade soup (Daily selections)  
Served in a 12 oz. Lions Head bowl with homemade herb scone!



Add a cup of soup to your full salad $3.50 (with herb scone $5.50)

cup of soup




bowl of soup



White Lions seasonal salad 
Mixed baby greens, our house honey/cider vinaigrette & seasonal toppings
Add a ½ salad to your bowl of soup $4.50

Misty’s Quiche 
Cheese & sautéed vegetables or Bacon, Swiss & onion served with side salad or cup of soup
(Gluten-free add $1)

P200116 12.51


Churchill Mac & Cheese
Pasta cooked in our Lapsang Souchong tea and served with a homemade bechamel cheese sauce using smoked cheddar, bacon and baby arugula



Chicken Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce with grated parmesan cheese, challots, sliced mushrooms, bacon crumbles, croutons, chicken breast and a creamy homemade Caesar dressingCeasar Salad

Hot Panini Sandwich
Turkey breast, cranberry sauce, baby spinach and Brie cheese melted on a panini bun served with a cup of soup or a side salad (Gluten-free bun available add $1.00)
Alternatives may be offered throughout the season such as Chicken/pear & havarti




Half & Half
1/2 Sandwich (on multi-grain bread) with cup of soup or side salad
1/2 Soup ( with herb scone) and 1/2 salad

Full Sandwiches: 
All sandwiches served with a side salad or a cup of soup (Gluten-free add $1)

Egg Salad with cucumber & arugula on a croissant $12.00
Tuna Salad with cucumber & arugula on a croissant $12.00
Chicken, Turkey or Ham with cheese, greens & custom mayo on multigrain bread
Cucumber & Cream Cheese on brown bread


Loose-Leaf Brewed Teas (see individual listings) 14 oz pot /pot for one
London Fog or Muskoka Maple Fog or seasonal Tea Latte $3.50/mug
Macha Latte $3.50/bowl

tea service


French Press Coffee (Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Full Bodied Decaf or Seasonal Flavour) $2.75/pot
Americano Coffee (Decaf available) $2.50/mug
Espresso (decaf available) $2.50/cup
Double Espresso $3.50/cup
Cappuccino or Latte (decaf available)
Cafe Mocha
Add a flavour shot to your coffee
Espresso Machinefrench press
Hot Cocoa with whipped cream $3.00/mug
Hot Water with Lemon $1.50/pot
Mineral Water (12 oz glass) $2.75/glass
Premium Juice (Cranberry, Apple) $2.00/glass
White 2% milk (8 oz glass)
Sun Brewed Iced Tea (10 oz glass with ice) Summer only, check board for selection


Tarts - butter, lemon curd, coconut/jam $2.25
Other sweet treats (whatever we have whipped up today) $2.00-$4.00
Scone Daily Selection served with homemade jam or lemon curd & thick cream (gluten-free available + .50) $3.50
Gluten-free desserts (butter tarts, lemon curd tarts) $2.75

Butter tarts 

Served between 1:00 & 3:00 PM   24 hr RESERVATION IS REQUIRED!


Queen’s Afternoon tea tray for one
Includes hot appetizer, fresh fruit cup, assorted tea sandwiches (6 pieces), scone with
homemade jam, lemon curd & cream, & sweet treats served on a 3-tier tray with two different pots of tea


Princess Afternoon Tea tray for one (for children under 12)
Includes assorted tea sandwiches (4 pieces), scone with homemade jam, lemon curd & cream, &
sweet treats served on a 3-tier tray with a pot of tea or juice

Royal Family Afternoon tea tray for two or more

Includes fresh fruit, assorted tea sandwiches (6 pieces), scone with homemade jam,
lemon curd & cream, & sweet treats served on a 3-tier tray with a large pot of Buckingham Palace Garden Party tea

We can prepare child-friendly sandwiches upon request and recommend appropriate teas 

Gluten-free, Keto or vegan add $3/person


Tea Menu

All of our teas are available for retail purchase (50g 75 g or 100g bags)
All our teas are quality loose-leaf and individually prepared in a 14oz pot

 The Classics - Black Teas $3.00/pot (refillable)

 White Lions Classic Orange Pekoe, English Breakfast (decaf available), Earl Grey (decaf available), Cream Earl Grey (with vanilla), Irish Breakfast, Prince of Wales (black current), Buckingham Palace Garden Party (bergamot & jasmine), Lady Londonderry (strawberry & lemon), Lapsang Suchong (smoky)

 Premium Estate - Black and Oolong Teas $3.50/pot (refillable)

India:  Margaret’s Hope Estate Darjeeling, Borengajuli Estate Assam, Nonsuch Estate Nilgiri
China:  Golden Monkey ($4.50/pot), Keemun Black,  Ying Ming Yunnan, Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong, Quangzhou Milk Oolong ($4.50/pot)
Sri Lanka (Ceylon):  Lover's Leap Orange Pekoe, Kenilworth Orange Pekoe
Africa (Kenya): Milima Orange Pekoe

Green Teas $3.25/pot (refillable)

Sencha Green, Symphony (citrus), Green Gin (ginseng, honey lemon & ginger), Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose,
Jasmine with Flowers, Formosa Gunpowder, Genmaicha,
Imperial Dragonwell Lung Jing($4.50/pot), Sencha Mint Green (decaf $3.50), Izu Green Matcha ($3/bowl)

White Teas $3.50/pot (refillable) 

Pai Mu Tan, White Pear, Delicious White Lychee, Fujian White Rose, 

 Special Blends Black Teas $3.00/pot (refillable)

Vanilla Chai, Chocolate Chai, Masala Chai, Monk's Blend (pomegranate & vanilla), Peach Apricot Black, Swiss Chocolate, Ontario Blend (Peach & Maple), Cream of Avalon (Earl Grey with Lemon, vanilla & caramel), Orange Spice, and Special Seasonal Selections

All of the Rooibos, Herbal and Fruit Infusion teas are naturally caffeine free

Rooibos Teas (Red) $3.00/pot (refillable)

Organic Rooibos ($2.75/pot), Rainbow (amaretto), Provence (fruity/floral), Bourbon Street Vanilla, After Seven (peppermint/chocolate), Creme au Caramel, Blueberry, Strawberries & Cream, Masala Chai

Fruit Infusions (Changed seasonally) $3.00/pot (not refillable)

Bella Coola (orange/pineapple), Citrus Sunburst, Cranberry Apple Spice,  Totally Nuts, Strawberry Lemon (summer iced tea only), Paradiso Peach (summer iced tea only)

 Herbal Infusions $3.00/pot (not refillable)

Women's Wellness, Men's Wellness, Serenity Wellness, Moonlight Lavender, Peppermint, Mate Chocolate, Egyptian Camomile, Licorice, Cold Remedy, Turmeric/Ginger/Citrus, Lemon Ginger

tea selection 

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